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At Solid Ground, we have the expertise to tackle any financial situation. From credit scores to end-of-mortgage term options, we do what we can to provide you with the best financial advice.

Improving Credit Score

Your credit score plays a crucial role in approvals. A poor credit score can affect your chances of gaining a loan, a phone bill, rental applications and much more. Establishing healthy financial habits is what helps you reach many of your goals.

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Mortgage Options for The Self-Employed

For someone who is self-employed, it can be difficult getting approved by banks. Solid Ground has lenders who understand business owners. They have a variety of excellent mortgage options whether you are a self-employed professional, skilled tradesperson, or an entrepreneur. We ensure that your mortgage works in your favour.

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Financing For Home Renovations

There are a couple options for receiving the funding you need for your home renovations such as gaining a Line Of Credit or taking on a second mortgage. While taking a second mortgage may not seem like an efficient way to spend your money, it can actually benefit you and save you money! Our Licensed Solid Ground Agents will find out if a second mortgage or a Line Of Credit makes sense for you or if you’re better off negotiating a new first mortgage. Let us guide you to the solution that’s best for you and get that renovation started!

Guidance for Buying, Selling, and Refinancing

Each person has their next step that they want to take. Some might want to buy their first home, while others are looking to buy their second. Meanwhile, there are those ready for refinancing, and people ready to sell their home. Solid Ground will provide you with the proper guidance and information for exactly what it is you’re looking for and efficiently get you the results you need.

End of Mortgage Term Options

A lot can happen over the course of the term of your mortgage, and what was right for you then may not be ideal for you now. This is the perfect opportunity to negotiate a better rate, term, or find a lender that better aligns with your needs. Your Licensed Solid Ground Mortgage Agent will source you the best package and lender so that you can be worry-free and use your money on the things you want.

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