"I'm Self-Employed And
Feel Like Banks Hate Me"


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"I'm Self-Employed And Feel Like Banks Hate Me"

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we appreciate business owners. In fact, we love business owners. Trade secret – Most branch representatives aren’t trained to truly understand business, and that scares them. Banks won’t lend on things they don’t understand. To them, you’re a higher risk. 

We don’t agree with that. We believe that business owners make the world go round, and you just think differently. You need a lender who thinks like you, and Solid Ground has your solution.

"I’m self-employed and need a mortgage"

Rest assured, not all banks are equal. And we have fantastic lenders who understand business owners, have a variety of excellent mortgage options whether you are a self-employed professional, skilled tradesperson, or an entrepreneur. This ensures that your mortgage works in your favour, and you’re not contorting yourself to fit the bank’s box.
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