Save Your back: How to Choose the Right Moving Company

Preparing for moving day? It can be a stressful time, so you might consider hiring a professional moving company. But how do you choose the right moving company?

Movers are put in charge of literally all your stuff, so making a responsible choice is key to protecting your possessions in transit.

Follow these simple steps, and you can’t go wrong!

Start Searching For A Moving Company ASAP

Avoid scrambling for answers in the days approaching the big move and begin searching for a mover right away. You should give yourself plenty of time to search and compare. Generally speaking, if you’re opting for a moving company that is available at the last minute, there’s probably a good reason.

Ask a Friend

You could certainly call up the first result that appears on Google, but that doesn’t mean they’re the right choice for you. All it shows is they’re good at getting to the top of Google searches! Instead, you should rely on personal experience. You could turn to family, a friend, or coworker who has recently moved as well, and see if they would like to share their experience. Additionally, you could also turn back to Google and check out reviews to see what real people are saying about these companies. 

Get Moving Company Estimates

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with calling around to get the best bang for your buck. But be wary of an estimate that is unusually low or if the moving company provides an estimate without assessing the job first. You want to get an in-person estimate from at least three different companies before making your decision. Why in-person? How are they going to give you an accurate estimate without first seeing your stuff?

What Does The Price Include?

Once you’ve established your estimates, ensure what the price includes. Do you have to pack everything up yourself, or will the movers handle that? Will boxes, blankets and other supplies be included? Is fuel included in the price, or will there be an extra charge once you get to the other end of your move? Make sure to ask plenty of questions before moving day to avoid any surprises at the new home.

Look for Red Flags

Moving companies based in Ontario do not need to be licensed by the province to operate. However, there are still some steps you can take to ensure these companies are on the up and up. First off, search for your potential mover on the province’s Consumer Beware List. This is a searchable public record filled with companies that have faced unaddressed consumer complaints or have violated the Consumer Protection Act. Additionally, have a look at the Better Business Bureau for any alerts or complaints filed against the moving company you’re considering.

Trust Moving Company Experts

Packing all your stuff into boxes and putting them into the back of a truck is one thing. But what if you’ve got some specialty equipment that needs to go? All movers are not created equal and some may not be outfitted to move your baby grand piano or your pool table. Ensure the company you choose is prepared to handle it; many movers advertise their ability to move specialty items right on their website.

Listen To Yourself

In the end, we’re talking about your valued possessions. You are absolutely the best judge of who should be trusted with transporting them. As long as you do your homework and listen to your gut, you’re going to lock down the best moving company in town.

If, on the other hand, you’re hoping to move but haven’t found the right mortgage yet, Solid Ground is here to help.

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