Housing Prices: How Much Money For A House In Barrie and Beyond?

From government policy to local demand, there are many factors affecting housing prices. Whether or not we’ll see them fall is yet to be seen, but you might be wondering where they currently stand.

Canadian Housing Prices

Housing prices across Canada have almost universally increased, with most climbing a significant amount year to year.

Here’s a look at the current average sold price across Canada with a comparison from the same time last year:

British Columbia

February 2022 – $1,089,600

February 2021 – $946,090

Annual increase of 15.2%


February 2022 – $482,255

February 2021 – $417,488

Annual increase of 15.5%


February 2022 – $363,660

February 2021 – $318,074

Annual increase of 14.3%


February 2022 – $1,086,493

February 2021 – $863,847

Annual increase of 25.8%


February 2022 – $498,688

February 2021 – $421,438

Annual increase of 18.3%

New Brunswick

February 2022 – $291,100

February 2021 – $217,100

Annual increase of 34.1%

Nova Scotia

February 2022 – $367,200

February 2021 – $271,800

Annual increase of 35.1%

These numbers are from the second quarter of 2022, but you can see an updated average sold price on the WOWA website.

Ontario Housing Prices

Ontario’s housing prices have increased by nearly 26% since last year. With prices already high, that means it will cost you over $222,000 more to buy a home this year. It is the first time in history that homes in Ontario have an average price over $1 million.

Ontario currently has three of the top five most expensive cities to buy a house.


The second most expensive place to live in Canada (being narrowly edged out by Vancouver), Toronto’s average price is over $1.3 million. Job opportunities and population growth have helped skyrocket the price of homes in Toronto.


Following closely behind Toronto in third place is Mississauga with an average sold price above $1.2 million. This is due to limited real estate supply combined with a booming population growth.


With a recent surge in urbanization, Markham is developing quickly into a bustling metropolis. With its close proximity to Toronto, many people are choosing to live here due to it being (slightly) more affordable, though the average sold price is still $1.5 million.

Barrie Housing Prices

With its thriving business community, nation-leading low crime rate, and beautiful waterfront, Barrie has become one of the most expensive cities in which to buy or rent. The average home sells for nearly $900,000 and with an average of only 9 days on market.

Even with the Bank of Canada rolling out measures to cool the market with incremental increases to the Prime Lending Rate, achieving a balanced market will not result in a decrease in home value.  A balanced market is more likely to result in a return to more normal days on market, with the re-introduction of conditional sales, and fewer bidding wars that push sale prices well above list prices.

Want to know more about the factors affecting Barrie’s housing market?

Whether you’re self-employed, have bruised credit, or are a first-time home buyer, current housing prices can make anyone think twice about buying a home. 

However, with Solid Ground, you’re never alone.

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