In need of a second mortgage ?

Solid Ground Mortgages has the largest portfolio of funds available in the country.  This product is designed specifically for clients who require short term or emergency funds at a reasonable and manageable rate, regardless of conventional creditworthiness, and for those who may not qualify for conventional lender products.  (NOTE: Interest only products are not suitable as long term solutions.)  Avoid settling for those pay-day loans or ultra-high interest products offered by “so-called” legitimate and ethical companies just waiting to pounce with their program that you know you’ll never be able to pay off.

What you really need is an ally; someone to turn to for solid, sound advice with no alterior motive but to help you get what you need, and a strategy to make sure you reach both your short term and long term goals.  We can help you for any number of reasons; whether the funds are to pay off credit card debt, stop harassment of debt collectors, buy some time, bridge transactions, or start up a business – Solid Ground has a solution for you.  Most importantly your Solid Ground representative has the knowledge, expertise, connections, and most importantly compassion to assist you in getting the funds that you need.